Theater is not dead; it is the definition of alive. In these days when you can't even get a real person on the phone to place a complaint with the electric company, what a luxury to have living breathing humans in front of you, fervently believing in a lie in the hopes that you will believe too. And the audience comes willing to believe because theater is a human necessity. Theater reminds us that we are all alive, that we are all here together, like it or not, and we might as well enjoy ourselves. At Pinpuppets, we believe that theater is a delicious treat, a taste of life. Which, if you use the proper ingredients, tastes bittersweet, like the kind of chocolate that's actually good for you.


PinProductions is currently celebrating its first decade of creating and producing theater in English and Spanish. PinProductions has, in this time, produced multiple award-winning theater productions, most recently garnering 18 nominations and 4 awards for the Lorca play El Retablillo de Don Cristóbal. PinProduction’s dedication to children’s creative agency is seen in its new theater works for children as well as its bilingual children's pilot Basura Aventura (Trash Bash).

Our Founders

Susannah Dalton 

As a child, Susannah was starved of TV and fed on stories. At the age of 18, Susannah moved to New York and threw herself into acting, playwriting, stand-up comedy, and puppetry. At the age of 22, her play, “The Importance of Doing Art” received two seasons and lead to nytheater.com dubbing her, “a young voice worth keeping an eye on.” The visual storytelling skills she learned in writing for puppets proved fruitful in her studies at The Vancouver Film School, where she took a hiatus from NYC to major in writing for film and television. Since returning to New York she has been working consistently in creative for industrials and advertising as well as writing for the Ecuadorian children’s show, Periquetes. Her screenplay for a bilingual rom-com secured funding and gained international co-production interest for the project. The film is currently in pre-production. Susannah has remained first and foremost a storyteller whether writing songs, stand-up, plays or screenplays.


José Ignacio Vivero 

José́ Ignacio Vivero has been in the world of art since he was a child growing up in Ecuador. At the age of 19, he started working as a professional actor under the direction of the well-known Ecuadorian playwright José Martínez Queirolo (1931-2008). He has also studied dance, puppetry, video production, and arts education. He was part of the prestigious puppet troop La Rana Sabia making puppetry for all ages and working with a number of organizations including UNICEF. He worked as an actor in Ecuadorian  television throughout his 20’s where he hosted lead roles in both serials and sitcoms, opening the Ecuadorian franchise of “Three’s Company.” He was also the creative director and producer of many touring governmental social awareness campaigns, bringing theater all over the county to educate on topics from agriculture, to environmental protection, to child welfare. Jose received a FAAL Award for Best Puppet Show, in Guayaquil, Ecuador; and ACE Award for Best Actor in NYC. Jose Ignacio is the recent recipient of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture’s 2019 artist grant. 



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