PinProductions is an NYC based, independent video and theater production company with over ten years of experience creating quality, award-winning work. Through puppetry, animation, and a tight production team we can let you tell your stories beautifully and boldly without compromising personal safety or artistic quality. We are excited to lead your idea, concept, or brand through the creative process. 


We work with an efficient, tight team. With a streamlined workflow process and extensive creative problem-solving throughout pre-production, the only ones on the scene are key creatives who have worked in all levels of production and like to hustle.


Just drop us a line, if you have any questions regarding our safety policies or would like to get a list of in-house equipment. 

Video Production


Puppets are the best storytellers and provide a high level of versatility. There are a litany of puppetry techniques, all viable for socially distant video and live streaming productions.

From inception to construction, through production, our team has over ten years of diverse puppetry production experience.  Let us help you figure out what form fits your story, and bring that story to life. 


Like puppetry, animation is a strong option for both artistic and marketing platforms. Whether you are looking to sell a product or explore a theme, creating strong characters is a powerful tool and with animation, you have the advantage of making these characters from scratch.




After over ten years of producing independent theater, Covid-19 has put our live theater productions on hold. However, this has opened the door for new and exciting mediums. 

To learn how we are tackling a socially distant production of Fredrico Garcia Lorca's classic play, "El Retablillo de Don Cristobal" follow us on Instagram


If you need help translating the codes of theater into the digital world, drop us a line. We would love to hear about your project. 



Our Services 


  • Concept/Pitch Development

  • Scripting

  • Story Editing 

  • Script Coverage 

  • Script Translation(Spanish/English)

  • Puppet Design 

  • 2D and Stop-Motion Character Design

  • Production Design

  • Set construction 

  • Puppet construction 


  • Lighting and Filming 

  • Directing

  • Puppetry 

  • Sound Mixing 

  • Green Screen 

  • Hair and Make-up

  • Actor Coaching

  • Art Direction

  • Set Decoration 


  • Footage Editing

  • Sound Editing 

  • VFX

  • Original Music Compositions

  • Scoring 

  • Motion Graphics  

  • Sound Design  

  • Voice-over (English/Spanish)


Our Team

Jose Ignacio Vivero

Director of Production




Jose Ignacio Vivero is a theater and television director. To see his directorial work and get information on classes click here

Susannah Dalton

Artistic Director




Susannah Dalton is a screenwriter and playwright and all-out story nerd. 


Afranio Vivas

Director of Animation

AFRA 2018 A.jpg




Afranio Vivas is a 2D and Stop-Motion animation artist.



Ricardo Melo

Director of Post-Production




Ricardo Melo is a sound and footage editor. His passion for working strictly behind the camera has lead to us using a picture of a puppet here. 

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